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Title: Last Distance ~Zenpen~/"Last Distance ~First Part~".
Artist/Circle: Sonomiya Kaede / Irohabako.
Characters/Pairing: Asch/Luke. In order of appearance: Sylph, Rem, Shadow, Efreet, Gnome, Undine, Ramdas, Guy, Natalia, Suzanne, Yulia, Lorelei, Duke Herzog, Tear, Florian, Anise, Jade, Pere. Short mention of Van.
Rating: PG.
Warnings: Spoilers for the ending.
Download Links: DDL, SS.
This file contains 95 images and is 54MB. If you have a slower connection and need the download to be split into parts, the file is available in three parts:
Part 1: DDL, SS.
Part 2: DDL, SS.
Part 3: DDL, SS.

Summary: Translated from Sonomiya Kaede's website. Book two of the five part series.
Luke took his promise with Lorelei to heart. "Lorelei, I want to become Asch's life--..."

Luke and Asch head to Daath where the Key of Lorelei is being safely stored. Ever since Asch came into contact with the Key, his body has been showing strange symptoms--ones he has begun to identify as those he suffered at the onset of the Big Bang. At the same time, he begins to notice strange things he can't explain happening around him.

He's also started to realize something strange about Luke...

The story continues, four years after they saved the world...
An Asch/Luke conclusion to the ending. Serializing in five books.

If you missed the first part, see it here!

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